The Collection

The Austrian masterpiece containing 97 keys – a full 8 octaves.  The extra low notes give this piano an exceptional low tone.

Fazioli F308

The longest production concert grand piano in the world, including the fourth pedal, that reduces the volume without changing timbre.

Steingraeber-Phoenix 212

Contained in the body of this Steingraeber is a low mass carbon fiber soundboard, resulting in an outstanding tone and amazing sustain.

The New York Steinway Model B, the quintessential semi-concert grand with that famous American tone.

Yamaha S6

The hand built Yamaha S6 semi-concert grand, bright and easily cuts through a mix with it’s exceptional tone.

Mason & Hamlin Model A

Coming from the Golden Age of Pianos, the Mason & Hamlin Model A is the world’s best small grand featuring the patented Tension Resonator, that adds to the thick tenor section.

Clementi Fortepiano 1808

More than 200 years old, the Clementi Fortepiano is the predecessor to the modern grand piano.