The Experience Pianos

Pianos for Performance and Recording

The Experience Pianos are a collection of fine piano sample libraries made for Kontakt Full and Sforzando Player.  Recorded in multiple microphone perspectives at 24bit/48Khz, each library accurately re-creates the experience of playing the actual instrument.

Purchase each piano individually, or the entire collection at a discount.

The Collection

The Austrian masterpiece containing 97 keys – a full 8 octaves.  The extra low notes give this piano an exceptional low tone.

The longest production concert grand piano in the world, including the fourth pedal, that reduces the volume without changing timbre.

Contained in the body of this Steingraeber is a low mass carbon fiber soundboard, resulting in an outstanding tone and amazing sustain.

The New York Steinway Model B, the quintessential semi-concert grand with that famous American tone.

The hand built Yamaha S6 semi-concert grand, bright and easily cuts through a mix with it’s exceptional tone.

Coming from the Golden Age of Pianos, the Mason & Hamlin Model A is the world’s best small grand featuring the patented Tension Resonator, that adds to the thick tenor section.

More than 200 years old, the Clementi Fortepiano is the predecessor to the modern grand piano.


Italian Concert 308

I own several well-regarded piano libs from Native Instruments, EastWest, and others, and this one beats them all for vibe and ambiance. Has some organic-sounding saturation in the recording but it's very pleasing and musical. Sustains are the real showcase here, even in the lowest registers.

Kngmao - Pianobook Composer

I needed a solid piano that I don't have to think about tweaking every time I just want to sit down and write. This is my new sketch piano. It's just exquisite. Easy to play, and the velocities are smooth and realistic on my weighted Roland RD-700. Beautifully done. I recommend to any piano players out there.

Christopher King - Pianist and Composer

New York SS211

This piano is highly playable and inspiring... I found it immediately highly inspiring, to compose and record. I liked the default brightness, but also found quite a beautiful deep, darker tone for the whole range of the piano.

Steven Cravis - Pianist and Composer

Austrian Concert B290

The “Experience Pianos” are a real pleasure for a pianist, as much for the quality of the samples as for the sense of detail and the precision work in the creation of these virtual instruments. The playability is very high , with half pedalling and ‘una corda’ support Additionally, some of these pianos cannot be found as VSTs ,with this level of quality.

Christian Joann - Pianist and Teacher