New York SS211

The Steinway Model B isn’t just a piano, it’s a legacy. For over a century, it has graced the grandest stages and adorned the most refined homes, its voice gracing the compositions of countless musical giants including Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, and Bernstein. Crafted with an almost obsessive attention to detail, the hand-selected spruce soundboard vibrates with every nuance, amplifying the full spectrum of your emotions. Experience that American Steinway signature sound with the New York SS211.

This piano library is an update to the free instrument hosted on The New York Steinway is the Number 1 rated piano library in the Pianobook community of samplists. The extended version that can be purchased here contains better playability, mixing tools, sympathetic resonance, damper resonance, and other features that the free version does not have.

For a free demo of a simplified Kontakt and SFZ instrument, refer to the Pianobook website.  The version sold here is an expanded version with additional features and playability.

Audio Demos