(Kontakt Version)

  • 4 Microphone Perspectives Recorded at 24bit/48kHz
  • Continuous Velocity Scaling
  • Damper Resonance
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Full Mixing Controls
  • Convolution Reverbs
  • Una Corda Pedal
  • Sostenuto Pedal
  • Half Pedaling and Repedaling
  • Made for Kontakt 6.3+ (not Kontakt Player compatible)

Full Piano Controls

Presets Section:

  •    Cinematic: Compressed dynamic range and soft velocity curve to accentuate the darker softer tones. Piano noises add to the ambience.
  •    Concert: Full dynamic range of the piano placed in an Auditorium.
  •    Player: Player head position with full dynamic range and placed in a smaller room. Piano noises audible.
  •    Studio: A mix of Mid Microphone Perspective and Close2 set with a studio reverb.
  •    Bright: Pop piano with a hard velocity curve placed in a bright chamber.

Mixer Section:

  •    Close 1: SE8 Small Diaphragm Condensers placed in ORTF pattern over the hammers.
  •    Close 2: Hand built Large Diaphragm Condensers (LDC) placed in AB over the strings
    • These microphones can be switched between Cardioid and Omni pattern using the additional slider.
  •    Player: AT2035 LDC’s placed in XY pattern in the player position
  •    Mid: Hand built LDC’s placed in XY pattern 1 meter from piano on the audience side
    • (Clementi Fortepiano contains three perspectives: Close 1 & 2 and Mid)
  •    Attack Delay: Each microphone perspective can be shifted in time 
  •    Stereo Width: Adjusts the stereo width of each microphone perspective
  •    Level:  Adjusts the volume of each microphone perspective

Character Section:

  • Damper Releases/Body Resonance

   When a piano key is released, the damper stops the string from vibrating. The sound of the damper release is different for each piano, and even after the string stops vibrating, body resonance dies out.  Damper releases contain both the sound of the string vibration stopping and the body resonance decay.

  • Sympathetic Resonance

   Sympathetic Resonance occurs when a note is played when other strings are undamped.  It causes pleasant harmonics that make the virtual instrument seem more realistic.

  • Pedal and Action Noise

   Adjust the volume of the pedal noise and the sound of the piano action resetting.  Both controls add to the intimacy of the sound, as they make the piano feel like it is directly in front of you.

Effects Section:

  • Multiple Convolution Reverbs: Auditorium, Concert Hall, Bright Chamber and Studio
  • Color:  Adjusts the brightness

Controls Section:

  • Half Pedal Control

   Advanced pianists use Half Pedaling to keep the sustain pedal from sounding too muddy. Half pedaling allows the dampers to “kiss” the strings lowering the volume of the strings that are vibrating.  Note: Repedaling is enabled by default

  • Velocity Curve

   Customize the touch of your MIDI controller by choosing different velocity curves.  Soft curves favor delicate tones, and hard curves favor a more bombastic sound.

Installation Notes

1. Download the zip file.

2. Uncompress the zip file into your desired folder.

3. Open Kontakt and drag the .nki file into the Kontakt window.

Note: do not uncompress multiple instruments into the same folder as there may be conflicts.  Preferably keep each instrument in it’s own folder